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Sales Success

Sales Success for Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth is probably the most closely watched metric in every major business. Yet many conventional sales and buying processes have been upended by the plethora of digital content and social media and new “always on” communications channels.  In highly competitive markets, sales organizations have to be far more nimble and adaptable than ever. The best prepared teams have a clear advantage for driving top line revenue.


KnowledgeSources’ consultants work with clients to address their plans for Sales Success.  Clients typically seek us out for a range of needs from creating an overall sales success culture to clearly defining and training on the behaviors associated with excellent, collaborative selling skills.  It could include enhancing specific parts of the sales process (i.e. prospecting, questioning or presentation skills) or establishing a framework for sales representatives to understand how a client might think and make decisions.  A training needs analysis is just the beginning  to providing supplementary resources or complete turnkey solutions from train the trainer to providing a team of seasoned professional sales trainers.  We work across multiple industries and across different product and service typesincluding financial, pharmaceutical and technology.

The artfully nuanced skills of fundamental selling : asking strategic questions, listening with insight, presenting compelling recommendations, overcoming resistance with curiosity and closing deals without drama will provide your sales team with the competitive edge they (and you) need to succeed.

Representative Sales Programs

  • Collaborative Selling Skills for High Performing Sales Professionals and Teams
  • An Introduction to Selling for new sales professionals (also for veteran professionals new to sales)
  • Collaborative Consultative Selling: When Selling is an Inside Job
  • Dynamic Team Selling: Leveraging Collective Strength & Diverse Expertise
  • Mastering the Message: Positioning Value & Bringing Insight for Sales Representatives with  Seconds at Stake (Pharma)
  • Networking That Works
  • Collaborative Negotiations

As talent management experts, we offer an extensive range of capabilities.  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation or discussion of your pressing business needs.






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