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Communications Skills

Executive, Professional and Interpersonal Communications 

Do your employees’ communications skills reflect well on your company?

CommunicationsIs your upper management able to effectively communicate with staff? Are your presentations as polished as they should be? Do employees communicate well with each other and among departments?

KnowledgeSources has specialists in all areas of communications —from interpersonal to written to presentation  skills,  to help your teams develop stronger skills in areas such as:

  • Relationship Management - Are you asking the right questions and truly listening? Create more strategic partnerships with all internal and external stakeholders

  • Influencing – Become a more powerful influencer throughout your organization or with clients; develop better interpersonal communication skills that build teams and stronger client relationships

  • Negotiations - Internal and external negotiating skills
  • Creating Professional Presentations – From PowerPoint slides to webinar content, seminars and workshops, we teach the necessary skills to create presentations that engage audiences and promote your company
  • Intelligent Conversations – How to start them, hold them, facilitate them

  • Networking & The Art of Small Talk

  • Listening Skills for Today's Workforce

  • Creating an Effective Elevator Pitch – How to promote your capabilities, products or services succinctly and effectively

  • Before You Hit Send - Create effective emails using best practices within today's corporate environment

  • Executive Presence – Prepare executives, managers or new hires to put their best foot forward, represent your firm in the best light or meet the press

  • Conflict Resolution - That works

  • Communicating Across the Generations - Managing differences between the four generations in the workforce today

  • Sales and Service Effectiveness - Behavioral-based ways to enhance sales and service capabilities


Our Communications Specialists

We can provide public speaking coaches, media experts, communications specialists, sales training, executive coaches and more to achieve the desired results. In addition to on-site training, we offer training via online/webinar, video conferencing and lunch & learn sessions.

Keynote speakers

We can provide subject matter experts for your corporate meetings and presentations in a broad range of areas, or train your personnel to become more effective speakers.

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