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Leadership Competencies; Using Talent Management to Transition Leaders to the Next Level

by Peggy Decker on Dec 15, 2015 11:48:33 AM

Although they may naturally have certain innate talents, few are born with all the skills needed to be an effective leader. It is unfortunately rare that the need for someone to fill a leadership position coincides perfectly with a candidate’s readiness to do the job. Companies can fill these positions more successfully by focusing on leadership competencies when transitioning leaders to the next level.

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Topics: Succession Planning, Leadership Development

Succession Planning: A Key Part of the Talent Management Process

by Peggy Decker on Dec 3, 2015 12:17:17 PM

Succession planning rarely receives all the attention it deserves in the corporate world. Yet this aspect of human resources is a key part of the talent management process. It directly influences the long-term health of your company and indirectly steers talent management to create more motivated and productive employees. But to realize these benefits, you must integrate succession planning into your talent management process from the day an employee is hired.


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Topics: Succession Planning

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