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Using Talent Management to Leverage a Coaching Culture

by Peggy Decker on Dec 24, 2015 2:41:07 PM

When we talk about corporate coaching, we’re not just talking about training or nurturing employees towards success in their files. Effective coaching is an integral part of talent management that creates a feedback loop in which individuals at every level of the organization can receive a continuous stream of information that helps them grow and improve, adding to success in all areas of the business. Although much of the coaching paradigm comes from HR expertise, it takes strong leadership to ensure the implementation and reinforcement of a strategic coaching initiative that must change at different levels of leadership.

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Topics: Leadership Team Development, Corporate Culture

How Talent Management Strategies Drive Corporate Culture, Business Growth, Engagement & Retention

by Peggy Decker on Dec 15, 2015 11:22:26 AM

Low unemployment and a warming economy have made job seekers increasingly selective. At the same time, social media has brought greater transparency to the job search, even showing how employees rate businesses as employers. Under these circumstances, businesses should be using talent management strategies to improve corporate culture. In doing so, businesses will enjoy greater growth and improved employee retention rates. You’ll get the most out of these strategies if you focus on methods that have the greatest positive influence on corporate culture.


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Topics: Corporate Culture

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